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Tips for the Month

Selection of a trailer for your Mahindra Odyssea boat is extremely important. Your trailer should be able to accommodate the weight of the boat, engine, and any other equipment that will normally be carried. Take the time to have your boat weighed while it is empty, and again when completely loaded including a full fuel tank. You will save a great deal of trouble by staying within the maximum load limits of the trailer. Check the certification label on the frame of the trailer for the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). The total weight of your boat, engine, fuel, gear, and trailer should not exceed the GVWR. Your Mahindra Odyssea dealer can help you select an appropriate trailer for your boat. For older trailers, proper adjustment of the side support pads is critical each time your boat is loaded. Newer trailers feature side supports that are self adjusting. Periodically inspect your trailer to make sure the side supports are in adequate working condition.

All trailers with a GVWR of 1500 pounds or greater are required to have brakes. Requirements may vary, so check with your Mahindra Odyssea dealer for additional information.

Trailering Guidelines
  1. Be sure that the rollers or bunks displace a large amount of hull surface, and be sure the boat and equipment distribute evenly on the trailer.
  2. Make sure your boat is properly tied down and a safety chain is used.
  3. Check local and state laws concerning any trailer requirements.
  4. Do not trailer with your boat's convertible top up. It will be severely damaged. Use a mooring cover for extended trips.
  5. You are required by state and federal laws to equip boat trailers with functional taillights and turn signals.
  6. Some states require registration of boat trailers and license plates. Check with the Department for regulations governing your particular state.
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Tips for the month
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