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Mahindra Odyssea 22

Mahindra Odyssea 22 Specifications :
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The Mahindra Odyssea 22 is a speed boat spaciously designed for that ideal getaway with your family and friends.
The distinctive Deep 'V' trihedral hull adds stability and enhances maneuverability onboard the Mahindra Odyssea 22.
With an accommodating deck for 7 people to walk around, it gives you ample room for fishing and angling! Add to it a capacity to carry more weight aboard and you can choose any form of recreation in the seas!
Apart from the obvious, we have taken great care to think about your comfort and convenience. The ergonomically designed centre console with a built-in cool box ensures easy access to the equipments, and the built-in grab rails not only ensure safety, but have been aesthetically designed to enhance the visual appeal of the speed boat.
You can also customize the boat to add your personal touch - right from your choice of the hull color to a  interiors of the speed boat.
So, here's to you having a refreshing & effortless ride! Go ahead and enjoy the sun and surf without a care in the world !
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